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2014 - New Year’s resolutions and the question of what will happen

I’m not that fond of the holiday season, what I do love about it is the proximity to New Year’s Eve (I fucking love this day). However, thinking about the upcoming new year always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Did I make the right choices? Will I have learned my lessons? Will I remember all those tiny precious moments?

On the other hand I’m super excited about what’s to come. Will I be happy? What will happen? Will it be exciting, devastating, making me laugh? Will my family/friends be happy? Will I meet the love of my life?

Unfortunately I’m not able to look into the future (and where would be the fun/thrill of the unknown?) BUT there are some things I can make happen right aways. Call it old-fashioned or superstitious, still I like to make a list of things I want to achieve as soon as possible.

This year’s list will include:

  • be kinder
  • travel as much as possible
  • live the life you want not the one in your comfort zone
  • lose some weight (-> ate too much during the holiday season but cookies are way too yummy)
  • write/paint more
  • don’t spend so much time on studying but rather enjoying life