A single girl’s life

Since my friend and I’ve been single for quite some time she forced me to sign up for a dating app. And so I did though I thought online dating kinda sucks. Well, you just never know if the person really looks like his pic or if he’s not a psycho.
When I started the app I realized it’s like online shopping for guys, you click ‘like’ for the cute ones and ‘nope’ if he’s not for you. And if you are lucky both of you click ‘like’ and you’ve got a match and get the chance to write private messages.
I got some matches and it’s fun to write and flirt but still I’m not quite certain about the part of meeting in real life. It’s so tough making this decision, since I’m more comfortable to go on a date if I’ve seen the person before.. Well, seems like we gotta wait for what’s coming up next…

"At the end of the day you want/need to be with people who don’t judge you for your mistakes or flaws but embrace them. With this kind of people around even bad situations seem bearable."

thoughts on being single

I’ve been single for quite some time, and it still doesn’t bother me, yet all my friends seem to go nuts when they’re single for just 3-4 months. I always ask myself how is that? Do they feel lonely/unhappy, and then why?
Isn’t it one amazing thing to be free, to do whatever YOU like without thinking what your significant other thinks? Isn’t it okay to be single while in your twenties? To find out who you are, to experience things on your own, to spend lots of time with your friends, to enjoy life. It’s not like you wouldn’t settle down sometime, it just should be on your terms not somebody else’s.
It’s not like I wouldn’t meet guys, even great ones, but I guess my mind and heart still wanna be single for it seems like they screw things up on purpose. And that’s okay, being single in my twenties is absolutely fine by me. I just don’t get why people try to pressure someone to find “the one”, “to be in a relationship”, “to settle dow”, “to be in love”. Don’t they realize you can be happy on your own , love yourself and that this situation is NECESSARY to be able to be happy and in love with someone else?

this is everything

this is everything